Sibusiso Vilane’s climbing and adventure career began in Swaziland when he met John Doble; a British High Commissioner who was serving in Swaziland in 1996. John Doble introduced Sibusiso to mountain climbing which ultimately led Sibusiso in becoming the first black man to successfully summit Mount Everest in 2003. In 2005, he summited Mount Everest again from the North side, thus conquering the mighty Everest from both the South and the North sides – succeeding on first attempts on both sides. Sibusiso then embarked on The Seven Summits quest between 2005 and 2008. He successfully completed the project, which is climbing the seven highest peaks of the seven continents of the World! He holds the distinction of being the first black person in the world to achieve this historic feat. 

In January 2008, Sibusiso and his South Pole Expedition partner became the first South Africans (and he the first black person) to walk to the South Pole, across the snow and ice, unassisted and unsupported – another remarkable achievement which won them the inaugural Solomon’s Adventurer of the Year, 2008. Since his first ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro in 1999, Sibusiso has reached the Uhuru Peak of Kilimanjaro multiple times, many of which have been guiding trips. He leads the annual Trek4Mandela and Caring4Girls charity climbs which takes place every month of July which is Mandela month and they summit on 18th of July which is Nelson Mandela’s birthday. He has lead a number of climbing expeditions to Aconcagua in South America. This is the highest mountain in the southern hemisphere, the highest in South America and one of the seven summits. In one of the trips he led the youngest South African who was aged fifteen to summit Aconcagua.

His other accolade is completing the Grand Slam of Adventure, which makes him the first black African to conquer the three poles challenge – the South Pole, North Pole and Mount Everest.
He has run and finished more than comrades’ marathons and in early 2018 went on an attempt to reach the summit of Mount Everest without the use of supplementary oxygen where he got to as high as 8000m without oxygen support. Another Amazing feat of courage. In early 2019 he returned to Everest, this time to run the annual Tensing and Hillary Everest marathon which is run on the 29th of May of every year. He is involved in a number of charities initiates and raises awareness about wildlife conservation.
He is the Patron of Nature, Environment and Wildlife congress.

His dream and ambition for the next 5 years is to attempt to reach the summits/tops of at least seven of the over 8000m mountain in the Himalayas starting from this year, 2019 until 2023 where he hopes to then take on the 2nd highest mountain in the world known as K2 situated in the Pakistan part of the Himalayas. No African has summited this one yet. It could be another first by an African, mainly a Black African/South African.

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